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Seamless Gutters and a Solid Foundation for Your Home or Business

Lone Star Gutters & Foundation Repair specializes in a wide range of services that are meant to avoid disaster and more importantly, keep you safe. Our team will work diligently to make sure that your foundation is repaired professionally and your gutters are effectively bringing water away from your home. We also assist with the installation of rain collecting systems, which can save you money off your water bill each month. Whatever you need, make sure to contact Lone Star Gutters & Foundation Repair.

Seamless Gutter Installation & Repair

Gutter systems are often overlooked and can go unnoticed by homeowners, until they are backed up and causing heaps of issues for you. A backed-up gutter system can cause flooding around your home or business, which can essentially damage the foundation, wood fascia boards and landscaping leading to unnecessary, expensive repairs. 

Save yourself the headache of gutter damages and call us for seamless gutter installation and repair services. Our team will make sure to properly install your gutter system – well, seamlessly. Our state-of-the-art gutter system prevents clogging and flooding with a simple design that is necessary for every homeowner or business owner. We can even customize your gutter system’s color and style to match the rest of your home. Call today for a free estimate.

When people think of foundation services, they think of one thing: expensive. With Lone Star Gutters & Foundation Repair, we want to make your foundation repair as affordable as possible for you. We provide precise estimates before we get started so you know how affordable our services are.

We are the foundation experts in Abilene and we can fix all types of damage. We will even make sure that the rest of your foundation is safe and up to code so that you can avoid any headaches in the future. We specialize in both mud jacking foundation repair and helical pier foundation repair. If you need reliable and experienced foundation repair services, call Lone Star for a free, accurate estimate.
Soil Stabilization 

The key to a sound and stable home is a solid foundation. The key to a sound foundation is solid soil. Here at Lone Star Gutters & Foundation Repair, we work with residential and commercial clients to solidify their land through a soil stabilization injection. The clay soil often found in the Abilene, TX area can prove to be unsound and unsubstantiated, which can ultimately lead to foundation damages. 

Over time, the faultiness of the soil leads to cracks and other damages to your home’s foundation, costing you money in the long run. However, we want to help you avoid any future foundation issues with our soil stabilization injection. This procedure is safe and effective to compact the soil and give you a solid foundation. For more information, give us a call today. 
Rainwater Collection Systems

When you think of a rainwater collection system, there are only two things you should know: it saves you money and is eco-friendly. Rainwater collection systems take a naturally occurring process of rain and turns it into fresh, clean drinking water for you, your family and your customers to enjoy, all while saving money on your water bill.

Whether you are just a resident in the Abilene, Texas area, you own a farm or you own a business, we are happy to help you get clean, efficient drinking water. Our team can recommend and install the proper rainwater collection system for your home or business. Just give us a call to explore your options and learn more about the benefits!
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